Ways To Use Extra Eggs


One of the first things we wanted to do after we moved to the farm, was to get a few chickens. Just a few weeks after we arrived we were joined by six chickens to provide us with eggs. Five years on, we have 11 chickens and all of our original chickens have gone, save…

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Home Made Ginger Beer

The kids have been wanting to have a go at making ginger beer all year. Generally, they only remember at 6.30 on Sunday night, or just before school, or some other inconvenient time. Or else they ...

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Designing Our Home For Our Life

Well, we are (finally) on the cusp of beginning our renovation. All things being equal, the builder plans to start in the next week (insert excited squeal here). We will have to move out of the house ...

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It is hard for a six-year-old to wait for his grandparents to arrive. Swinging on the gate certainly helps to while away the time. ...

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Smoked Trout Pate

When I was small my grandparents were mostly too unwell to have much to do with me, and by the time I was 14, they had all died. So I really appreciate that my children get to spend so much time with ...

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Blood Orange Vinegar

Do you know what I'm looking forward to at this time of year?? Salads. Lots of delicious salads. Ask me in autumn, and I will tell you that I am over tomatoes, and never want to see another cucumber ...

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Lemon Blueberry Tart

Long before CB and I had children, we used to think of possible business ideas. Things that could combine our talents, provide an income and give us time together doing something we loved. Of course, most of our ideas really were just fantasies. But it is fun to dream, so often on long drives, we…

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Over the last week of the holidays, the kids went up to stay with my parents in the Mountains. CB and I used the time to get lots of things done (and sleep in without kids wanting our attention).  On Thursday afternoon, CB had some jobs to do in the village so I was home…

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One Thing | That Room

It’s been a while since I shared a one thing. One thing is doing that thing that isn’t part of your everyday routine, but is something that you have been meaning to do forever. If it ever stops raining around these parts, our builder will appear and need to knock some big holes in our…

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Spring Vegetable And Ricotta Tart

We have been super excited to watch our asparagus patch finally yield us some delicious morsels. Asparagus takes several years before you can eat the stems, so when they started poking their heads out we were ready. Unfortunately, if you forget to pick them, the aspargus shoots grow very quickly and become woody. We’ve been…

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Things We Like | September 2016 Edition

It seems like ages since I shared some of the good things we have been enjoying. The warmer weather is here, my creativity is slowly returning, and I’m keen to give this old blog a little more love and attention. To begin with, here are some things we like at the moment! Podcasts I’ve been…

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