Things We Like | September 2016 Edition


It seems like ages since I shared some of the good things we have been enjoying. The warmer weather is here, my creativity is slowly returning, and I’m keen to give this old blog a little more love and attention. To begin with, here are some things we like at the moment! Podcasts I’ve been…

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In The Garden | September 2016

Well it seems like ages since I took you for a little stroll around our garden. Let's blame the cold and wet because, my goodness, we have had plenty of both. With Spring poking its head out, and the ...

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How To Roll Pastry

How To Roll Pastry

I'm back with another kitchen hack. This time I wanted to share my little trick for rolling pastry or biscuit dough without getting flour all over kitchen. Before I had worked out this hack, I used to ...

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One Thing - The Craft Cupboard-5

One Thing : The Craft Cupboard

Do you have a craft cupboard? In our house we have a nice old cupboard in which we store all our craft supplies. All the bits of fabric that I have (which, surprisingly, is not that much), sewing ...

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Orange Rhubarb Syrup Cake-3

Orange Rhubarb Syrup Cake

Well the sun finally poked out between the clouds on Saturday and it was glorious! When the days are relentlessly grey, and wet, and cold, you almost forget what the sun looks like. So I wandered around the farm for an hour or so and just soaked the sun up on my back. After a few…

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Around The Traps-3

Taking Stock | July 2016

What a crazy start to the school term! Visits to the orthodontist (an hour and a half’s drive away), birthdays for Toby and Meg, a quick trip to the mountains for a friends 40th birthday (we met when we were in the same class in year 7 – that’s 28 years of friendship!), as well…

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Lemon Cream Cake-7

Lemon Cream Cake

I always struggle to find motivation and creativity at this time of year. The short, cold days, combined with the busyness of work mean that there is not much room left in my head for new ideas. This year seems to be particularly hard going, perhaps because work is very busy, or perhaps it’s like this…

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Road Tripping-5

Road Tripping

We are back after a week of road tripping around the Victorian Goldfields. It’s one of those things we had been meaning to do with the kids, and about four weeks before the winter break, I said to CB that we should just go. Work however, was just too busy for me to even consider planning anything,…

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A Big Old World Out There-1-2

It’s A Big Old World Out There

Growing up, my parents loved to take us all on a road trip. I remember trips all over the place, usually with our camper trailer hitched on the back of car. When I was in Year 6 they packed all four kids up (my youngest sibling was 9 months old at the time) and took…

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